5/21 FP- Hand lining Goliaths
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    5/21 FP- Hand lining Goliaths

    So my buddy Harry aka (Floridaboy) bought a spool of heavy duty hand line to try up aginst the massive goliaths. Sounded crazy but we gave it a shot. We loaded up the boat and headed straight to the Boils. After getting some threadfins, we started fishin! We caught a few big jacks and kept them for the goliaths. About 30 of fishin I pulled in a decent sized under slot gag grouper! After catching the jacks we rigged up and dropped one down. Two minutes of soaking and Harry gets slammed almost pulling him in. Fought him for a minute until he snapped the hand line. Quick re-rig and we send another one down, took a little longer but he gets crushed again. But once again the massive goliath tore through the rig. We got worked! Decided to then head in and stop to drift FP inlet with the rest of our threadfins. The second drift I get thumped and pull up a fat 26inch redfish! Did one more drift and called it a day, overall a very exciting day on the water!
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