My home waters (Barren River Lake) has been below summer pool for a while now and that has the vegetation growing and my mud flats are just "green" now... With the lake coming up to Summer pool it's been a little tough to find "open" spots to get some decent shots at fish. You have to find spots with no weeds/grass to get a fly in there on mudding fish or fish looking for an easy meal. Some fish are still spawning up in the vegetation and I've never witnessed anything like it! After a couple of trips of getting humbled I connected on a hungry fish today and a few a couple of weekends ago.

From today... Found some fish up in the weeds, but I would either get hung up or put the fly right on top of them and they would bug out quick! Found one that was hungry!

Feels good to get on a fish after getting humbled the last couple of trips!

Here's a few from a couple of weekends ago!

Fun fish to target and they can put you in your place quick!