Beast of Burden....Big Mahi Pushing Though P/E
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    Beast of Burden....Big Mahi Pushing Though P/E

    Got off to a bad start see the boat is on a rack in Dania ...and there is this bridge and if you hit the dead high you will be sitting there cuz your sweet arse out riggers just won't make it threw. Anyway 5:45 turned into 8am. Leave P/E and head out to 600ft. My buddy was out yesterday and said there were tons o weeds and that by the am they would clump together pretty nicely . Well he was right. We hit this beautiful weed line and troll it. nothing.. I was thinking thats why I wanted to leave at 5:45 so i would be the first ...Not the last. We push off what looked like mahi heaven for deeper waters. 30 min later in 800ft the right long and the right short go off so the pressure to "catch" was off. after a bit we pointed the bow west and found a really nice rip in 700 ft. trolled it and started west again this monster cow blasts my teaser 10 ft behind the boat. My buddy goes to grab a live bait at the same time I grab the left short and reel it in rite under his nose. It was "Game On " from there. This was a fight.... The fight I was looking for. To top it off we saw a huge marlin jumping and few sails doing the same. Get out there asap !! Here are some pics.

    may16mahi.jpgweed 416.jpgbri mahi 416.jpg
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