5/16/12 SLI Offshore - Weeds Galore
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    5/16/12 SLI Offshore - Weeds Galore

    Waited for my cousin (Maky - bigmak561 on the forum) to drop his 22 month old off, and meet me at my house. Got here a little early, and we were on the water a little after 10am. Since sandsprit was closed, we used the ramp just south of Finz/Shrimpers restaurant.

    Got a few baits (threadfin, summer sized sardines and a pinfish) at the NE spot. They were being chased by bonita and we're pretty skiddish. Only ended up with 5 baits in about 30 min.

    Water was beautiful and flat, so we were able to get to 75ft pretty quickly before setting the spread. GPS was set for PBH, but before we could get there, we ran into the Holy Grail of weedlines (there was no current today):

    Fishing 5-16-12 005.jpg

    Fishing 5-16-12 004.jpg

    Changed the East/West troll to North/South and ran on the slick/East side of the weedline. Did 4 passes, but only landed one nice bull on a wire naked hoo. We got hit on every pass, but none stayed on... We decided to drift some live baits at the better sized patches in the line, and this landed another 2 bulls (one on live sardine, one on dead threadfin after running out of livebait) with lots of schoolies that didn't want whole or chunk bait... will try squid next time. Excuse my bottom half, I usually wear pants to hide the boots/long socks

    Fishing 5-16-12 011.jpg

    Fishing 5-16-12 012.jpg

    Fishing 5-16-12 013.jpg

    Fishing 5-16-12 003.jpg

    Fishing 5-16-12 014.jpg

    Fishing 5-16-12 015.jpg

    After we ran out of live bait, the action died out, so made a quick run in and back at home by 3:30. The biggest bull today gave us a nice 4-5 runs every time getting near the boat. 2 fish in the high teens and one pretty close to 20lbs. On the way in, we see a beautiful coast guard boat with quad verado 300s FLYING out of the inlet. Overall, had a nice short day catching up with my cousin.

    Fishing 5-16-12 008.jpg

    Fishing 5-16-12 010.jpg
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