The Cat Sass fishing team was all excited about fishing this tournament for a great cause. We decided to skip live bait due to the forecasted sea conditions and opted to pull rigged bally's. All seemed calm heading out of the pocket to the inlet until we found that ripping outgoing tide stacking up against that 15 knot onshore wind. Needless to say, we were all covered with sea spray before we made it through the inlet. We headed out in hopes of finding a weed line or strong current edge with those stiff winds. All we found were 4 -5 ft seas. We trolled out towards the hill but still saw nothing fishy and the seas were now a solid 5-7 out in the stream. We headed back and finally found some schoolie dolphin in 150'. Tried this area for a while but only managed 2 fish, although we had numerous short strikes and knockdowns. We decided to head in closer and try for some kings and finally hooked up with a small 8lb schoolie king. After getting thoroughly knocked around by the big seas, we decided to head in around 12:30 and head to the weigh in party. As it turns out, we caught the only kingfish of the day and were awarded the 1st place kingfish prize. Our 9.5 lb dolphin came in 3rd, but no cigar! It was a very sporty day on the water but all had a great time anyway, for a great cause.

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