BPK 5/6
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    BPK 5/6

    Left the house around 8am and put in a spread of 4 around 150 feet, trolled out to about 600 and didnt see anything, no good weedlines, no debris...nothing. So we head back to around 100 feet and anchored up and started chumming, nothing!! Its my first day so maybe Im still getting warmed up but it was slow...

    Decided that if the fish were not going to bite I was going after them, jumped in around 50 ft and drifted in to about 25. Saw a ton of nice size grouper, shot what must have been a 30-35 incher but bounced right off of him.

    Ended up with a nice grouper at 26 inches.

    Headed back to the docks around 3:30pm

    fishing small.jpg

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    Thanks for the views underwater. The dolphin are there, but you need to find a weedline or debris. They are a bit moonstruck right now, but will bite.

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