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    Quote Originally Posted by WaVeCrAzEd View Post
    Cool thanks for esplanin the yc. much easier access. I checked I'm sure I'm getting 5 gallons a minute.
    Well, if you are flowing the discharge water thru a pipe into a pond for instance, you can simply fill a five gallon bucket and do the math with a stop watch. 1.5 gpm per ton. If you are running it thru sprinklers, you would need to do a pressure test with refrigerant gauges to determine if you are OK. Just changed out a FHP 5 ton today. As usual, we converted it to a air cooled heat pump. Don't get me wrong, water cooled units are fantastic if you don't have water/pump issues which we do in our area. Where they really shine is on a recirculating cooling tower in highrise condo's etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AC Man View Post
    One thing that I see wrong quite often is the lack of water running thru the machine due to restrictive sprinklers. There is a designed amount of water that the machine needs. Too much or too little is not good. I hope you have had a tech check the pressures or gpm of water to see if it is correct. You need roughly 1.5 GPM per ton. If the wires to the contactor coil are hard to access, you can also pick up Y and C in the low voltage control panel.
    Good info.

    Question, I understand why too little water would be bad, but don't understand why too much would be bad?
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    too much water ripping through the condenser coil doesnt allow the unit to build up the proper pressures to go through the evaporator, not sure how old his FHP is, but have experienced this on older 3 or 4 cap tube type systems.

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