DSCF0598.jpgDSCF0600.jpgDSCF0602.jpgDSCF0603.jpgDecided to not run way out to grouper spots. Stopped at 7 miles set the hook ,no chum slick set out not too active red shorts real short.,Decided to run out to catch one of Marys favorite eating fish porgys and snapper 16 miles out, circled to find the right bottom,set the hook..Let out the chum,down sized the leader line to 20 lb floro. small 2or 3 size hook lite to med spin rods took about 30 min for the fish to show.DSCF0591.jpgDSCF0594.jpgDSCF0595.jpg
The porgy action was steady these suckers pull hard light equip. lot of fun.
Ran to the last stop a ledge that has been good for nice Lane snapper, set out chum slick.light rods small hooks Donna gets hooked up boy this must be one big snapper?? 19 inch red grouper sent him back to grow, the lanes were there also.