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    River Bonitos

    Hey guys, just finished a Kayak Fishing book... now getting back to another passion of mine, fly fishing.

    From time to time I will post, on the main page, some trip reports and other details from around the state and the industry. Here's hoping you guys will help, too. I'm stoked to see folks sharing the fun.

    Little post from today, here. I wonder if folks in other inlets are seeing the bonitos pushing inshore? Pictured is Dr. David Carroll, a North Miami dentist and expert fly fisherman. We've fished Key West and Miami together for about 15 years. Bonitos are a lot of fun on the flyrod, even more so in a raging inlet current!

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    Jeff Weakley

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    Very nice. There was a 12lb bonito caught on spinning gear off the south jetty at Sebastian last weekend.

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    About 25 years ago I caught a bonita trolling a big plug around bouy 10 outside of Port Canaveral which is only a 1/4 mile from the jetty. Ya just never know!

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    Up north in new england they are regularly caught from shore in the fall. Much better fight than from a boat, as they can only go AWAY....far away. In the boat a lot of the fight is lifting them from down deep. I wish I could get them from the jetties down here as easy as up there!

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