The wind has been blowing 20kts+ relentlessly all week but I've been itching to get fishing and figured 3-5' with 7'+ rollers would have to do.

Called up the Tarponator and we were on the water by 4:00PM.

We were planning on bottom fishing originally but with the sloppy conditions quickly and wisely re-considered

Off to the edge.

First drift --- Nice Mahi.

Second drift - Peanut mahi and big Bonito.

Third Drift - 1 King cutoff and 1 King landed

If you look closely, you will see that we were able to mark the Kings on the reader, and drop baits right to them. The baits would get down and get crushed!!!

Final Drift - Sailfish

When it's rough - the fish are out there! - Go get em.

Tight Lines.