I'm posting this because we are very proud of our son. Headed out of Vilano at around 900am with my wife, two kids, my mate BJ and one of his sons. We were armed with shrimp, mud minnows and fiddlers. Wanted to check out the ocean for cobia and sharks, but it looked too rough and dangerous. Our oldest who is 9 y.o. was disappointed. But, we decided to anchor at the jetties. After losing a few jig heads and carolina rigs in the stones, we altered our strategy and started to catch - small sea bass, large lady fish and jack. My wife and oldest son recommended keeping a lady for chunk bait so we did. Tossed a 1" chunk on a circle hook bottom rig and went back to catching sea bass.

After some time, we checked the chunk and it was untouched. Re-baited with a new chunk and threw it out again. Nobody around us seemed to be catching anything and a couple of boats left. Finally, the old Ugly Stick with Penn 550SSg bent over and the drag started screaming. I picked up the rod and handed it to our 9 year-old. The initial run was strong, so we debated - it's gotta be a shark. Maybe a large ray? Bull red? As my son worked through the fight and the additional two or three drag burning runs, I thought "I hope it's not a shark or a ray" although that's what my son wanted. Finally we saw color, and my son yells,"it's a shark." He continues to reel and pull it closer. I finally see it and it's a large redfish. My son's got good vision and was wearing polarized sunglasses. Don't know how he saw a shark - the mind is a powerful thing I guess.

We net the big one with high fives and knuckle-bumps all around. Our kids don't like fishing much - cause we do more fishing than catching. After some more time not catching, we headed up the ICW to catch a flounder and sand trout. Then it was home. It was a typical trip of more fishing than catching - but the big red saved the day. It was 33" and estimated at 10-15lbs? After a couple of quick photos, BJ revived the fish and off it swam. Proud of our son - it was his PB redfish and the biggest redfish any of us had seen in person.

Tight lines everyone . Sorry didn't know how to make the pic smaller.