a good litmus test for candidates?

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    a good litmus test for candidates?

    Newt Gingrich is selling fundraising lists to pay off campaign debts. Seems to me, if a candidate can't run a campaign without spending more than they take in, why should we believe he/she will run this country without spending more than revenues can support?

    Should their campaign management skills play a role in determining their overall management skills?

    Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has put his donor lists on the market, a sign that the cash-strapped campaign has had to put its bread-and-butter on the line to try to pay its bills.

    Saddled with $4.5 million in debt, the former House Speaker's campaign put its lists of donors and activists for sale with a broker called TMA Direct, which touted on its website "exclusive management of the Newt for President 2012 files."

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    First it is a sad commentary that it takes that kind of money to get elected, seems our elections are basically a bail out for corporate media.
    Second, yes if someone is out spending their campaign funds, I do not see them as being able to run the country's finances

    Third....Newt's time has long passed....he had no chance, because he was playing by the old rules....not the new ones.

    Fourth I have trouble supporting anyone who actually wants to be president.

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    ""Fourth I have trouble supporting anyone who actually wants to be president. ""


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