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    Bird Keys

    Went fishing around Bird Keys this morning with my father and brother-in-law. We walked down Turtle beach to get to the spot to wade, on the way down Turtle beach we saw a man and his son fishing, so far all they had caught was a mackerel and a lady-fish. We started casting along the beach on our way to the spot with no luck, i had one hit and that was it. So we get to the spot to wade and we all spread out and start casting top-waters. We each had a hit and my father-in-law caught a small snook. That was all we had for about 2 hours then we started catching and getting hits. I caught 2 snook about 24" and 20" but had a lot miss my top-water, one was a monster. My brother-in-law caught one 15" snook but also had a lot miss the top-water. My father-in-law had all the luck, caught 2 snook, 4 trout(one a keeper) and a 20" red and also had a lot of fish hit. Around 11 we started having a lot of boat traffic so we decided to head back, one the way back my father-in-law caught another snook off the beach. Was a pretty good day just wish the fish would of ate the top-water instead of knocking them out of the water, also it was my father-in-laws first slam. I used a Zara Spook Super Spook and they were using Rapala Skitter Walks.

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    Nice job!

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