i was at work thursday when my lady friend texted me saying "i miss you we need to fish!" and she talked me into it. i checked the winds and tides and once i seen low tide at 6ish i was eager for the port. so once 4:30 came i went straight to my house and hooked up the boat. we decided it was time to see if snook found there way to the port yet. i got to her house around 5:45 in cape canaveral and we were off. i decided before nightfall hit id try the beach and jetty to no avail. i took several waves over the bow. so i motored up to fish more rocks near the navy base. while fishing there,she hooked into someones snapped off line across from from victory(still slow speed zone) so i pulled my boat onto the rocks to retrieve the 12$ yo zuri. while cutting lines and trying to untangle the mess some ******* on a 27t or so offshore boat was on a full plane about 30 ft off the rocks! i yelled at him to slow down before his wake washed me onto the rocks and destroyed my boat. he didnt understand and kept speeding until he was 40ft away and i yelled at the top of my lungs to and hand jestured him to stop aggresively. once he got behind me he planed back out again cause a smaller then before wake to push my boat onto the rocks causing me to get stuck. after much anger i timed a wave right to troll off the rocks. it was getting closer to nightfall by this time and so we changed game plans fished around the drawbridge catching a lttle flounder. once a good 45 minutes of night passed i knew it was time, for some lights. the cruise ships were out so i went in. we got to some lights seeing snook all over the pilings, the night changed quickly. we caught 4 snook out of the lights and 2 jacks and missed many more snook. all on x-raps and yo-zuri's. we decided to hit the ramp around 9 so i can get home for a good rest. good NIGHT in the port. snook1.jpgsnook2.jpgsnook3.jpg