One Eyed Willy the redfish

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    One Eyed Willy the redfish

    Me and my girl Alisha decided it was about time to go hog hunting in the IRL. I decided to leave the flats boat at home this time and walk out in the indian river by my house where i had seen groups of reds bustin baits the night prior. Made bait without much problem just before dark. All mullet was alittle big i thought so i snipped the tail to make them swim silly in put some scent into the water. Within ten mins me and her both had a double on with drag screaming. Got tangled but landed both fish suprisingly. We when we told our buddy we realized her slabber was missing an eye!!! Never seen nothing like it figured id share with everyone. Not sure if its too comon but its crazy he got that big when he only seen half his food lol. Fished just till after dark and landed one more solid fish. Off the water by 8pm.Couldnt have done it without my yellow shirt bahahaha


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    Very nice reds aside from the missing eye that is a healthy looking fish, I've never seen one that big without an eye and it looks really healed up.

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    Now those are some nice reds!!! Too bad about the eye, but atleast he still has his nose to smell those baits! lol

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    Nice reds. I'm glad it wasn't the one eyed willy you usually hear about. Lol

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    he's a survivor

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