Started to head out with the one and only Tarponator, as well as my cousin Jason at about 6:00 PM.

Ran out to 800-1,000 feet in search of the Dolphin everyone seems to be catching this week ... .....but no luck yet ... just a 7lb Black-fin Tuna

Decided it was time to hit the reefs at around 7:00PM with first lines and chum in the water by 7:15PM. Bite was on fire for the first 45 minutes at which point the current died and we had to relocate about 2 more times before we got back on the fish

The second spot produced some fat tails which were extremely far back in the slick and a ton of BLUEFISH for anyone interested in catching those.

All in all it was a beautiful night out on the water w/ great company and loads of fish

The tails are chewin' - Tight lines out there.

For anyone silly enough to consider keeping undersize fish ... here's a formal warning that FWC is actively doing their job out there ... if you know what I mean