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    Quote Originally Posted by FLATS BROKE View Post
    Nice man!! It's always fun to have action like that. Yeah that's a Bonito, and those "AJs" are actually Almaco's, they are better eating than AJ's!
    More important is the bag limit for AJ is 1 with a size of 28''+.

    I also recently acquired the Brownie Hookah kit, have room for a dive partner? I could use someone to show me the ropes with this rig.

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    Absolutely! PM me and I would be happy to meet up/show you some of the in's and outs of the hookah setup. And yes, I know you need to know the difference between them. At first glance I knew they where not greater AJ's because I have caught those before, I thought they where lesser which have to be between 14"-22" and no more than 5 in a day aggregate with no more than one of the 5 being a greater, which like you said has to be atleast 28". But indeed they are almacos, these are more football shaped with tall dorsal.

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