Got the call from Bluewaterspearo yesterday morning for an afternoon spearfishing trip to target Mahi. With reports of big Mahi being taken recently we were hoping to score. Loaded up the boat with Kris, Kyle and Jeff and we were off. Ran due east 14 miles out of the inlet looking for weedlines or debris and came up empty handed. On to plan B - targeting cobia off of the bullsharks. Got to our spot and jumped in with the flashers and within a minute the sharks showed up - but no cobia in tow. On the second drift we finally see one cobia but it was just out of reach. Finally we see a pack of cobia on one of the bulls and Bluewaterspearo dives down and nails the biggest one. We drift a while longer as the suns gets closer to the horizon and call it a day. We would have had a nice yellowjack in the boat too but the bulls got to it before Kyle could. I had my new underwater camera setup with me and captured some photos of the action. It was very cool to see the hammerhead come in to check out our flashers!