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    Well said, we need to counter this guys lib posts right into the ground. He does not hunt nor does he fish, he starts trouble and that is all.

    Quote Originally Posted by AAngler View Post
    Dude you are a political plant (mole) !! Do you even fish or hunt? I checked your posts and it's nothing but political propaganda, you have never posted outside of the "politics" forum. I mean really dude, what campaign do you work for? Whose staff are you on? With posts like this you realistically could be on either ignorance on the left or a republican making the progressives out to be idiots. Sorry just had to vent at the stupidity of the diversionary tactic of racism in a presidential election year when the real issue is $3.95 per gallon. My 2 cents, add 393 more and maybe I'll get to the end of the jetties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWFL_F1sh0n View Post
    With armed Nazis patrolling the Sanford Neighborhoods "protecting" the whites, and Terry Jones planning to hold a rally, I just have to ask, do those groups speak for those who are on the right?
    Have these folks self-identified as Nazis? Or is this made up as a blanket white slur?

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