Glades Backcountry report 4/08/2012

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    Glades Backcountry report 4/08/2012

    The Glades is on fire right now! I had the plesure of taking an ole friend/client out for a super half day of Everglades backcountry fishing this weekend. The tides were'nt exactly what I like to fish..but if planned right. I figured the day could payoff.
    We started off throwing topwater plugs in and near some creek mouths. Which were immediatley attacked by Snook and Jacks. Nothing to brag about(up to 26"), but the numbers were phenominal...somewhere around 50...I stopped counting. Next on the list were the Redfish. He tells me his biggest one was 21"...hmm...let me see what we can do about that.
    After a short but scenic run through some of many mazes in the Glades, we pull up on quiet little bay that I know holds some bigguns. After a short lesson on how to use the the bait he was throwing. I hear it..Yous know what's coming next..."I'M ON!!" For the next hour or so it was almost non stop action on the Reds. Not only did he get his biggest(31"), but he also caught his most in a trip. It turned out to be a pretty good day after all. Even with un-favorable conditions and all. All fish we're caught on arti's , and release to fight another day. I took some pics of the day for yous to check out. Thanks for reading my report.

    One of the many Snook

    Nice Red.


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    Sounds like a helluva day Capt.....thanks for the report

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    I am the client who had the pleasure to go fishing this day with a great captain and friend. i have been blessed to have grown up in south Florida fishing with some of the best guides today in south Florida, no need to mention any names but they are regulars on popular fishing shows, but my friend has shown me places almost impossible to get to with a conventional guides. these places are are so secluded that you experience what fishing should have been a hundred of years ago. So if you want a true back country experience this is the man. Thanks T.

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