So with the rising prices of fuel being what they are, I thought we could post what we have and how it's set up for the best overall
performance to try helping each other out.

I have a 2002 2850 with F225's. The engines are mounted on the lowest position they can be, and at cruise speed and normal trim I can see the inside half of my cavitation plates but not the outside half. With the SWS 19" props that came on boat, at 4300 RPM's I seem to be getting the best mileage - 1.76 mpg and running 29.9 knots. This is in fresh water - the St John's River, which may affect the numbers a little bit.
I have a pair of Revolution 4 props I have tried and they get their best mileage at 4200 rpm's giving me 1.72 mpg at 28.8 knots. If I go up to 4500 rpms they are about tied on mpg and speed - 1.65 mpg at 31.8 knots. I have been talking to Rich at Leading Edge Propeller and he thinks he can tweak more out of the Rev 4's. If anyone else has the same set up it would be great to compare numbers and see if there is anything more I can squeeze out of her. Otherwise if everyone wants to compare the different models they have with each other, I think especially with the Bahama trips it could be great help.