4.4 wed guana south surf report
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    4.4 wed guana south surf report

    fished from dead low tide for a few hrs..water was clean but waves were huge..fished with salted clam and salted shrimp..

    started hitting the whiting pretty hard pretty fast but they were FAR out there..really far out..

    then the pomps showed up for a little bit but they were all small..just at legal but too small to deal with in my opinion.

    we ended up with 8 whiting
    4 pomps and 1 trout

    had a family from pa watching us and saw a shark cruise by us on the sand bar and asked if it freaked us out..said no unless they are swimming right up
    to us or circling us lol.
    then got asked if we ever tried to fish for one..well it was game on after that request.

    i quickly threw on a shark rig and loped the head off of a whiting and out it went for the toothy big guy.
    it only took about 10 mins when the rod started screaming for mercy as the shark freight trained it..game on!!

    i got 3 really good jumps that every one was really happy to see till he jumped out spinning like a torpedo cutting my line..but only after a good long
    show. it was really fun and i am glad the shark cooperated and took the bait and put on such a show for the out of towners..

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    That's awesome! I love it when fish cooperate.I'm taking a guy that works with me out fishing for the second time he's ever been tomorrow morning (first time was with me last week). If I put him on fish again I think I may have a new fishing buddy!!! Hope the fish cooperate for me as they did you.

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