Fishing 3-31 and 4-1 out of Gordans
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    Fishing 3-31 and 4-1 out of Gordans

    Went out of Godans pass on Sat and Sun 3/31 and 4/1.

    I just bought a new 10' cast net from a local guy who hand makes them and what a difference it makes in catching bait...the good old tri-pod got my last net so I am being a bit more conservative with this one....

    So on Sat we are on the water at 8am, catch bait (some really big bait) and head out to the Cuban, surprisingly we were the only boat most of the day...we did not catch a dam thing all day other than a small snapper. ...really disappointing but that's fishing. We headed back around 2pm.

    Sunday was a little later trip, we hit the water around 9am and again pull up to the tri pod and catch a net full of bait quickly...head out about ten miles and anchor on one of the wrecks...steady action all day, caught like 4 barracudas, I had never caught any before this type of fishing but today 4, weird. Didn't really catch anything great but a personal best mangrove snapper at 16 inches...

    There was life everywhere...bait, turtles, cuds, dolphin...seamed like such a good area.

    Went 0/2 on goliath...ill be ready next time

    2012-04-01 10.57.30.jpg
    2012-04-01 11.00.12.jpg2012-04-01 11.26.36.jpg2012-04-01 11.28.25.jpg

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    Nice report and pictures. 10' footer is the only way to go. Who local makes them?

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