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    pine island reds

    The day started out as perfect as it could be. We ran south out of Bokeelia to just South of Pineland and began fishing areas like this.

    The tide was coming in slow all day and the water was still a little skinny when we started. There wasn't any water movement to speak of so we just started plugging away at the bushes, oysters or any hole we could find. I was using Gulp shrimp, Will was using DOA shrimp, and Darrin was using Cals with a jighead. I struck first with two nice upper slot reds over a couple of hours. Will got his too, then after lunch, Darrin finished up with four more up to and over slot. We also caught a smattering of smaller trout. All of the reds were way up under the bushes but were hungry. They were also all lone fish and we saw no schoolies or any fish moving around. It was a beautiful day to fish and hang out with friends!

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    Awesome, Going today and staying the weekend at Bokelia, Hopefully we'll have some luck on our side.

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