Port Canaveral Offshore 03-23-12
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    Port Canaveral Offshore 03-23-12

    Today was a reef trip, anchored up for the day at 8a. Sea's
    were choppy, but not too bad, so despite a wet ride out, it
    was fast and we were soon fishing. Once there, we set a
    bait on the planer making a pass down the reef until we got
    to our target bottom site. It did'nt take long to find a fish.

    A nice addition to the days catch, was this nice King. Since
    they wanted to primarily bottom fish, we set anchor and
    got started. 2 of the 4 guys on this trip soon started to realize
    the sea's did not agree with their breakfast, so out the beanbag
    chairs came.

    The usual suspects came in, most of which are the healthiest
    stocks in our waters, but also the ones closed due to the fishery
    managers inability to properly manage. No lack of fish, just a
    lack of reliable data and common sense at NOAA. Black Sea
    Bass and Red Snapper were the most numerous catch, but some
    good eating and keepable Trigger's came back to the docks.

    As soon as the anchor was pulled, and we were under way,
    the 2 guest with a bout of seasickness were feeling much better
    and even added they are ready to do it again.....only on a calmer
    day, and having taken some preventative medicine first!

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    Nice job capt putting them on the bite. Too bad NOAA get get their act together.Maybe one day.

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