Port Canaveral Offshore 03-19-12

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    Port Canaveral Offshore 03-19-12

    Another day, another dolphin, well a half dozen anyway.
    Sea's like the previous day were a little choppy, with the
    much desired weedline in a widely scattered patern instead.
    As such we worked what was there, and the fish trickled in.

    This trip was all about having some fun, and taking fish home
    for dinner. No Catch and release fish on our "Closed" list
    from the bottom.

    We caught fish from 130' to 160', and rather than running
    deep to see if a clean edge was to be found, we plugged away.
    Enough fish was caught to make everyone happy. Despite
    not being the large fish, they were big enough to put up a fight
    good enough for a first time Mahi catch for all, and to be good
    eating later on in the day.

    With weather expected to worsen for the next few days, and wind
    and sea's to be elevated, we hope the fish will hang around for a
    while since several charters are lined up over the next several weeks.

    Captain Henry
    ACME Ventures Fishing
    602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl.
    Deep Sea Fishing Charters Port Canaveral

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    Looks like they all had fun. Actually find that the fish that size taste better than larger ones. Great report and thanks for sharing.

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    Nice fish! I need a bigger boat!
    2010 Key West 211cc
    175hp Evinrude Etec

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    Nice job!

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    Nice to see dolphin showing up
    Mark Wilson

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