Newbie....wanna take boys fishing...staying in Orlando
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    Newbie....wanna take boys fishing...staying in Orlando

    Hey guys! Down here for spring break from Michigan and would like to take my 3 boys out fishing one day while we're here. Can't really afford a charter at about $600 so I was thinking about taking them out on one of the bigger "party" fishing boats. Based on some threads I've read on here, I think the Sea Spirit out of Ponce Inlet is one of the best choices?

    Am VERY open to suggestions! We would just be doing a half day trip. My boys are 13, 11 and 9 so they wouldn't last a full day. We don't need to catch any giants, it would just be fun for them to catch some nice fish....don't even need to have any keepers!

    Should I pick up some better hooks than what is provided on the boat and live bait? If so, what should I get?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Check with Sea Spirit out of Inlet Harbor, they might be running a half day trip and would be a fun trip for the boys.
    If you are fishing just for the day and wanted to make a beach/ fishing day head to the Sunglow pier in Daytona beach shores they have everything you need and if the boys get bored head on down to the beach and have some fun.
    Please send me a PM and I will give you some other options if need be.

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    Critter fleet all the way. They are nice and they catch fish. just go on board and they have everything for your half day.

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