Ecofina -- Thursday the 22nd of March
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    Ecofina -- Thursday the 22nd of March

    Launched around 9:30 AM and ran North to fish the points South of Green Point. As i moved back inside i noticed a pack of California pelicans working a school of bait near an oyster bar. Using my trolling motor i positioned myself within casting distance of the bar. Started with some top water without a touch or follow up?? Saw plenty of finger mullet near the bar but nothing bothering them?? Switched to a gold spoon and that solved the problem. First fish was 27 inches, followed by three more which were 20 to 22 inches - all released. Moved to the next bar and nailed a 24 inch fish , followed by three more lower slot fish. Decided to head for the barn. Three hour trip......

    California pelicans

    Oyster Bar

    First Red - 27 inches

    Second Keeper - 24 inches

    Back Inside
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