I did a few fishing trips over the past couple weeks and of course got a dive in too. We got a ton of snook in the river one afternoon. The snook came in at all different sizes anywhere from a foot long to almost 40 inches. we mainly fished with the D.O.A. terror eyzs for the snook. We also managed to catch about a half dozen reds and 3 mangrove snapper that same afternoon in the river but most were small even though we did get 3 slot reds, all after the sun went down. I did a separate afternoon trip for trout to see what I could come up with and we got 12 keeper trout for 3 of us and they were mostly in the 15-17 inch range but I got one nice 25 incher which was a nice surprise. I'm not big into trout fishing just because there is no fight, but a 25 incher is always a nice sight on a trout fishing trip. I went to the cape to scout for some cobia and ended up with 2 nice fish in the boat and one that shook the hook that was about the same size as the others we landed. Diving has been great! I went out with my buddy John and I was the only one diving so I only brought one tank but I shot my limit of 15 sheepshead on 1000lbs of air and came up and moved a mile to another spot and got some nice hogs and mangroves on the rest of the tank. the water, weather and the fishing are all heating up!!! Let hope the state loosens up on these tight grouper and snapper regs so we will have a reason to head back offshore.

Some shallow water fun with the kids