3/11 - North IRL - IFA Kayak Fishing Tour - Took Home Biggest Trout Trophy.
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    3/11 - North IRL - IFA Kayak Fishing Tour - Took Home Biggest Trout Trophy.

    3/11 - Jacksonville IFA Kayak fishing Tour -

    The First stop of the 2012 IFA Kayak fishing tour was this past Sunday. I have fished ever single one of these tournaments since the first one in Titusville back in 2009, and the weather always seems to ruin the party. Lonny and I decided to fish our home waters and thanks to the rules its more than legal to. We drove up Saturday night for the weigh in, drove back to Titusville right afterwards and crashed out at a friends place. Woke up Sunday morning and Safe light was deemed 7:10 so we got to the launch about 6:45 and made our preparations. The wind was already blowing 15+ and we could see rain on the way, but this is the joy that is tournament fishing, Rain or Shine you are fishing. This is where my guiding occupation pays off cause more often than not the weather doesn't cooperate and foul weather fishing has become a little nitch of mine to keep my clients on fish no matter what the weather is like.

    So we launch out into a washing machine that is the IRL and get to work. We only have a short period of time to catch some fish cause we still have to make the drive back north for the weigh in. Sight fishing was impossible with 2ft waves on the flats and no sun light so blind casting was the technique of necessity. Both of us armed with Zoom super flukes in a variety of colors we got to work on all our favorite holes. The trout bite was on fire as it has been the last 2 months and we both landed numerous trout in the slot range. Then I hooked up to a nice 23" trout so I started my redfish hunt. We found plenty of schools but between the wind, and the reds being uber picky I just couldn't get one to eat. I continued blind casting my way up and down the flat and eventually picked up a nice 24 1/2" trout which only fueled my desire for a red now cause I knew 50" was gonna win this tournament. Lonny ended up catching a 19.5" red to go along with his 23.5" trout so he was now in the window of opportunity to place. I tried as hard as I could to score a red but after numerous bait follows I just couldn't get it to happen.

    We headed to Jacksonville with Lonny's 43" in combined species and my 24.5" trout. Arrived at the weigh in with 3 minutes to spare.

    Lonny ended up taking 6th place and won some cash and I ended up winning biggest trout and some cash. I also managed to keep my record in tact of being the only angler on the east coast tour to have fished and weighed in a fish at every single tournament since the start of the IFA kayak tour. An accomplishment I am very proud of myself for, and one I plan to keep going for as long as these tournaments are running.


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    Awesome work! would love to do some kayak tournaments

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    Good work in bad conditions!
    When I used to fish tourneys...I hated those bad weather ones.

    I fished down here till about 9...by then we had solid rain on the radar... so I quit and went home.
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