Screamn' Reds and Trout 3/9 and 10
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    Screamn' Reds and Trout 3/9 and 10

    I got the chance to get out with two friends from church this weekend. Friday my bud JH came out with me to see if we could locate the Gator Trout. JH is a veteran of WW II having fought at Iwo Jima and Okinawa so you can imagine how interesting the day became outside of fishing. He also won some Commendation Medals......We were able to catch bait in the Sound and tried many different places. It was not until the end of the day that we were able to get into the fish. We hooked into some very large trout that pulled off line like a redfish. The drags were singing out loud and it was a lot of fun.....Here is JH with a 26.5 inch Gator Trout....

    We were able to land quite a few big fish over 20 inches and although we only caught 1 redfish on the day, we considered it a great time and pretty successful....

    Yesterday I spent the day with DJ and with the wind coming out of a different direction the day's plan changed drastically. We went out much earlier in the morning and pretty much had all of our fish caught by 11 am. First stop was a pot hole. We did not catch as much white bait but we had plenty to fish with. Using pop'n corks, we were able to sit and relax while shiners did the work for us....

    We were halfway to our limit of trout by 9 am. With the water now coming in we killed some time and around 10 am we started to think about reds. We cut up some pin fish and put them up against the bushes hoping for a big fish....

    DJ had not caught a good red before but that was all about to change. We saw the cork fly under and DJ picked up the rod and laid into the fish. The drag screamed several times but DJ won and the fish came boat side...27 inches and over 8 lbs.....a massive fish.

    Several minutes later after a quick reset, another redfish was hooked up.....24 inches and almost 6 lbs....

    At that point we decided it was a good time to go on in. The high was later in the day but we had a cooler full of reds and big trout. It was a super day full of fellowship, as was Friday, and I am very thankful to have friends that I can take out with me ever so was a blessing to get out with these two great guys.

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