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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyBandit View Post
    I will ask you to not call me names. Thank you.....
    Sorry JB.........but I did give you Sainthood status .

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    I must kindly ask all of you to look into the light... look into the light...

    Located possible solution MR. BANDIT Sir ?

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    If I was a cop, I'd shoot shadows!

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    There is additional information that has not become public yet. It will be....

    There are reports that conflict with the police report. That the dog was not charging, not barking, not growling, (as reported by police) But rather just standing in the middle of the owner's porch. Physical evidence supports this because when shot, everyone (police and others that saw) agrees that the dog dropped in its tracks. The dog fell and died on the families porch.

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