Got some numbers, decent sized fish: Checked out a few ponds i marked on google earth on my way to a store today. Decided I'd walk around a couple to try to spot some bass beds. First one I checked looked good but couldn't find anything but tilapia and tipalia beds. The second one was smaller and more retentiony than I thought. Got to the next one, medium sized, featureless, pretty tannic, and the wind was gusting pretty good. Walked around it only saw bass on beds and more beds in general on the SW side of the pond, winds were SW. Got 8 and jumped off a couple 2s on the ultralight with a small white zoom fluke, biggest was 3lb 1oz. A couple seemed to be holding a few feet outside the beds to 15ft or so and bit out there. Tried out a few other lures but couldn't get a bite.