Took the morning off and drove over to Mimms for few hours of fishing before going into work. I live in Mount Dora so it's a hour and 40 minute trip one way for a few hours on the water, never mind the gas cost. Sometimes you just gotta go.
The wind was maybe 5 or 6 straight up the river from the south. Not too much of a problem in a kayak...if you don't forget your anchor.
I decided to paddle south down to the railroad tressle and drift back while looking for fish, hopefully some tailers. Drift back I did!! It the wind if 5 or 6 or 7 then you drift at that same speed. I was moving so fast I ran over several schools of fish. No way to slow down no way to stop. I was so pissed at myself.
They were there and were willing to bite. Could have gotten more but I did managed to get two trout at 20" and 21" apiece and one really nice Red at 25". Oh, I also forgot my cooler so no fish for the freezer.

Mimms Red.jpg

mimms trout2.jpg