Got a late start with a crew of two from Naples. Did not leave the dock till 10AM planned for a short run to catch some nice grunt for a fish fry. Stopped at about 7 miles out started catching grunts at first drop and grouper gags and around 12:30 it really laid down i suggested we run another 10 miles to where i have had a good bite lately..Locate spot set anchor,start chum line..Bite starts with triggers, must have caught 4 in a row all shorts to 11inch. Porgys start to show the grouper then bigger porgys,gray snapper..

We were using med light spin gear 20lb main small 2 and 3 small circle hooks,live shrimp,squid 2ft leaders..Danny hooks up with what i thought for sure was a grouper. It was give and take because lite equipment he really wanted to land the fish ..when we saw color we knew it was not a grouper,big ,silver, wide running away from the boat..Now i want to make sure it gets into the boat..19 1/2 porgy bigger than my the last trip out here..never saw another boat out or back..DSCF0531.jpgDSCF0533.jpgDSCF0534.jpgDSCF0538.jpgDSCF0536.jpg