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    .22 LR needs all the help it can get. A short barrel isn't one of them.

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    how about a mk 111 22/45

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    P-22 & Mosquito

    Have had them both and they best should have ONLY CCI Mini Mags.
    The P-22 was clearly the inferior of the two although I found both to be
    unreliable with the Mosquito the lessor of a problem. The Mosquito was not up
    to the quality one normally finds & expects in the Brand.

    While shooting one day, my 12 year old while holding the P-22, looked up
    at me with an expression that he had just smelled a pile of ***T and asked if
    we could get rid of it and "get a good gun".... so it went.

    Both are to be avoided. Since Walther was acquired, everyone I know has
    been unhappy with ALL their newer models.

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