Vanish Fluro.... QUESTION???????
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    Question Vanish Fluro.... QUESTION???????

    Hey guys I have a spool of Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon

    10lb test .011"(diameter)0.28mm

    I know that fluoro is stiffer than mono so..................

    Will 10lb vanish work on a shimano 2500 size spinning reel? Or is it going to give me problems jumping off the spool, wind knots, etc......
    I read the paper work that came with the line and it said use 2-8lb vanish on spinning reels size 1-4 (is this 1000 to 4000?)

    This stuff is expensive and I have a bait caster I can put it on as a second choice. Seems like in the past I tried to put some vanish on a 1000 size spinning reel and it was a nightmare lots of problems from the stiffness and I end up taking it off, but the spool diameter of the 1000 is right much smaller than the 2500!

    so will the 10lb vanish work on the 2500 spinner......or shoud I just put it on my bait caster!

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    What do you plan to use the reel for?
    I would use 6lb if line capacity and casting is something you need.

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    I use 8 and 10lb Vanish on my Shimanos 2500 and 3500 series reels. I have very few problems with it.
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