2/18/12 Palm Beach sailfish and snook
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    2/18/12 Palm Beach sailfish and snook

    With perfect weather in the morning I decided to take the boat to work. Before going in I had some free time to kill and headed offshore out the Palm Beach Inlet. Set 2 rods up with lures and trolled south to The Breakers and was able to land the first sailfish within 15 mins, released the sail and set the lure back out. It was fairly busy out there but I saw some flying fish going nuts north of me so I headed that way and bam the rod goes crazy and hooked up on the second sail but as it got to the boat and the leader broke(didnt see the nick in the line from the first sail). It was getting closer to work time so I headed in and after work I called up a friend and we went around Palm Beach Shores looking for some snook action. Found a few NICE boats with underwater lights as bright as the sun and the snook were stacked on top of stacked in the light. The snook were VERY PICKY tho and we threw everything at them. Soon after changing out some rusty hooks on some old topwater lures and that was the key to open the snooks mouths. They were all small averaging sizes of 21-24". With the stiff south wind and choppy water conditions it added a element of difficultly which was fun and then called it a night around midnight.

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    Sounds like fun!

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