Which weight BTT Lost tip for my BVK #8
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    Post Which weight BTT Lost tip for my BVK #8

    Hello everyone,

    Which weight of the BTT Lost Tip should I buy for my BVK #8?
    I don't have the opportunity to try the lines in different weight.

    I will be targeting the juvies tarpon, snooks using flies in 1/0 (Gammies SC15 / SL12) for my next trip in South America.

    I need the line to load the rod quickly, I think that I will not always unlimited back space.



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    The BVK is one of the few rods in TFO's lineup that really performs well as what it's labeled as. Axioms and TiCrX's are so rediculously underrated weight wise that it's a problem for people shopping for rods. Not really the case with the BVK, the 8wt casts like an 8wt, and will do well with any wf/f line in the 200-230 gr. range. Not sure if the wulff lost tip is true to it's rating, but a quick e-mail to a rep should answer that question for you.

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    I have the standard BTT WF8 on my 8wt=excellent!

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