Today was kind of like summer (only not 100 degrees) the water level was up and it was calm in the morning, caught a trout before sunrise and then it rained in the afternoon.
Anyway, fished middle lagoon with fairly good success caught a trout and a few reds really early. The water was up by a noticeable amount and very very clear, just beautiful. Fish were tailing and I got several great shots at singles, small groups and one school. Saw a few blue crabs nervously wandering the flat and several shrimp jumping up around tailing fish as well as plenty of baitfish... they are eating GOOD out there! Caught ten reds, one trout and one stingray... definitely a new fly rod first for me. got off the water before 1:00 and of course it started raining as soon as I showed up at the ramp. Hope some of you guys got out today because this weekend looks terrible plenty of time to prepare for next weekend though.