Been a great couple of weeks in Estero Bay going back for 4 weeks it has just been on fire . The Reds have been feeding on the mud and sand , on the flats and by the groves , its been odd , their every where latly feeding slow , real slow (like you feel like your hooked up on grass and then the line starts to move on you) eating cut bait , shrimp , and mostly on soft plastics , here are a couple of pics starting 4 weeks ago to yesterday IMG_0104.jpg IMG_0108.jpg IMG_0109.jpg IMG_0139.jpg Snook aswell have been showing up not in summer #'s but some big ones have been coming in , my buddy Dave O is leading so far this year with a big ole Snook over 35" so far but I got one in the slot if the season ever opens IMG_0107.jpg The by catch latly has been Flounder , Sheeps , Jacks , and this week the Trout really showed up , got one that mesured 22" but got excited and it went to the cooler before taking a pic . It has been a great start to the new year , it is kinda nice compared to the last 3 years with freezing temps and floating fish , hope the weather stays sweet . Let the sun set IMG_0129.jpg and keep the lines tight