Good solid flyfishing day north Indian river.
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    Good solid flyfishing day north Indian river.

    I launched, at the 406 bridge, and went south, around peacoks pocket. I have never been to this place, thought I would give it a try. The day was perfect, not a ripple on the water all day.
    caught nothing big, but I had a blast. All I used all day, was my 7 Weight, and 1 fly, a white shrimp looking fly. I end up with 5 Reds, from 17" to 25", and 12 Trout, from 17" to 22". I had the hook pull out on two upper slot Reds, and 4 big Trout, and I lined a coulple of tailers, oops. The most fun though, was sight fishing Trout. I caught 7 20" or bigger 1 at 22" 2 at 21" and 4 20". What a hoot,
    they would explode on the fly, and take off as soon as they felt the hook. After the poor 2011 year
    of fishing, I needed a good trip.
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