Sage Bass II Peacock Rods
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    Sage Bass II Peacock Rods

    Anyone read any reviews about these? They Claim they can handle Poons but im not sure. A guy at my local Fly Shop uses one for Tarpon
    and he loves it. Thoughts? 7'11? Included fly line?

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    I've used the Peacock model for snook and redfish in the mangroves. It will handle a 10 lb red or a 14 lb snook without a problem (those are the biggest I've caught so far). I have caught a tarpon round about 30 lbs with it and it was a handful. As far as a poon rod, its like an 8 or 9 wt. If you are looking for a short bush rod, check out the loomis shore stalker ( warm water series, I think I butchered that name), half the price and they cast great. I used a buddy's and I really wish I hadn't blown the coin on the Sage, but I won't admit the to him.

    Also I used the Sage line on the rod, as well as a sinking line. Both cast well.

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