Kayak Sailfish off Dania 1/29/12
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    Kayak Sailfish off Dania 1/29/12

    Well, where do I begin. How about, no one was up for Pompano and the second I walked out the door I saw lightning...solo trip and lightning. Well a few months ago I had a BAD run-in with a hammerhead and will only go solo on nice days when there are fellow boaters in the sea. Today was not that day. I saw the storm was pushing east and wouldn't be a problem. But, I knew Rob was heading out of Dania. But, no bait in Dania.

    Ran to the bait shop here in Pompano, picked up some live bait and hauled arse to Dania. Didn't get there till around 640 launched round 7...way late launch. After some work finally met up with Rob and Chad round 300' of water. They had a spanish and a bonnie by then. Third drop down, hook up with a nice 12# Almaco that said a big FU to me as I reached for him and went down yonder.

    We moved north in a hurry was past the inlet in no time and decided to head in some to shoot south. Made it to 150' round the marker bouy and tossed in a livie to troll back. Rob saw some slashing, I opened the bail and let some line out. (BTW 50#Flouro, 4/0 hook) Got a tug, felt like a stinkin remora, tug, hook set, and JUMP!!! I don't care if I catch 100 more of these creatures...It's still awesome.

    Was nice to meet ya Chad and great to fish with ya again Rob, thanks for the shots and video brother! As for Craig...I HATE YOU!!! (Not really) But, if it weren't for you this fish would be on the grill! You don't need a HMS Permit to bring a sail back to land, as long as you're in FL water and it's of size. Unfortunately for me, I found out when I got home, But, I'm sure the fish is happy...till next time! Here's a few shots, felt good to finally get out again...

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