Tarpon Eats Camera Caught On Underwater Video!
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    Tarpon Eats Camera Caught On Underwater Video!

    As a marine artist I am constantly seeking out special places where I can get in the water and film the game fish we all love to use a reference for my paintings. This particular trip took me to Key West to film some monster tarpon in a frenzied state at a local marina. When you stand on the sea wall and peer into a murky green marina full of monster fish, lots of bait and fish carcasses it is a little difficult to get the courage to actually get in the water, knowing what could be lurking. I didn't drive all the way down there to stand on the side so I got in and the view was amazing. Tarpon of all sizes from 20 lbs to some close to 200 lbs all competing to get the next scrap thrown in from the local captains cleaning station. I laid in the water for quite a while and watched all this amazing action unfold. Sometimes the fish would smash whatever hit the water and other times they would strategically position themselves to engulf the scraps, it all depended on the size of what hit the water. The entire time I was in the water I had a friend shooting some video from above and feeding the fish. He decided to attempt to hand feed these monsters. This plan worked well a couple times, but he had forgotten about the small handheld video camera on his wrist which was dangling in the water as he went to feed another tarpon. Of course the large tarpon confused the camera for the dead sardine and down it went, ripping it right off his wrist. The fish took it down swam directly in front of me and spit it out. I was so in awe of the situation that I didn't think to grab the camera as it was sinking to the bottom. After we both laughed about what had happened for a couple minutes I decided I better go down after the camera. We found out the marina was about 20ft. deep and hard bottom so the camera should be easy to find. So I headed down, let me tell you I first thought sitting on top was nerve-racking well diving into that green this green abyss was way worse. Fortunately it only took me a couple dives and I found the camera. The best part about going below the tarpon was the view of all the frenzied tarpon above me. It was an amazing sight so check out the video and enjoy for yourself, I know I sure enjoyed shooting it! Check out kscottart.com for my tarpon artwork and apparel

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    Cood vid. But the back ground noise was obnoxious.

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    Love the video, but not the music. But then I'm an old fart.
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