First trip out of PCB today, king city
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    First trip out of PCB today, king city

    Well we got into PCB late Sat pm and got boat all tied up at Bay Point

    Headed out about 11 am today just to check some things out and see what some bottom numbers looked liked.

    Once we went through the rocks we dropped couple lines out with cigar's on duster rigs. Had a couple of bites but no hook ups.

    Also chased some bonita and boated one of those and my crew was having fun chasing them

    Tried a little bottom fishing but not much luck and the my ADD started to kick in and I was pissed a missing those kings so we started back trolling. I adjusted my stinger hooks and BAM that was it.

    C&R 5 nice kings(had two nephews in the boat(15 & 12) and my son's future bro in law and they had a ball.

    Several times I could only get one downrigger set and before I got another line out reel was screaming. Lost biggest one at the boat when he wrapped around downrigger ball I forgot to get out of the way.

    Any the "boys" had a blast and it was the first saltwater fish for son's future bro in law and my youngest nephew, they were all amazed at the colors of the fish when lit up

    By way we saw some flying fish today, never have been here before but never thought would see them that close in(3-4 miles off the beach), is that normal to see them in this close

    That thought that was cool, My bro in law had never seen them and thought he had one beer too many and ask me what he saw. I got a kick out of that and then we saw some more

    Also got some great shots

    Nothing like putting smiles on kids faces, my butt is wore out being Capt, Mate and everything else but they had a blast

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    Sounds like a good day! Glad you found a bite. I hope to get down this week for some fishing.....hope the seas hold.

    I have seen some flying fish out by the wistle buoy from time to time.

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    Great trip

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