I posted this long ago and of course lost in the change over. Thought I would post it again.

I LOVE this stuff on Pork and Chicken. Surprising that with no real vinegar, if warmed, it has a great vinegar flavor. Dewey said that is due to the Trappey's Hot Sauce, which is vinegar based. Don't want as much vinegar flavor, don't warm it up. I also found you can substitute the Cholula Hot Sauce and the Bar-b-Que Sauces used. Dew seems to follow the credo....buy what's cheap. LOL, I guess so, we found the Trappey's for as little as .37 cents a bottle.

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2 lemons (zested, juiced, and cut into 1/8's)
1 medium bell pepper, (diced in 1/2 inch chunks)
onion, coarsely chopped
2 teaspoons Montreal Pork Rub (just my preference) (used Jeff's rub last time)
6 oz butter
12 oz. TEXAS PETE Honey Mustard Sauce
32 oz of Sure Fine Original BBQ sauce(Substitute what's available if necessary)
4 oz. White Cooking wine
6 oz. Trappey's Bull hot sauce
Cholula Hot Sauce to taste (Get this in the Mexican section of the grocery)
3-4 oz. of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (He likes Makers Mark) ( I like Old Wiser)
Combine in boiler or pan and simmer for 1-2 hours (The longer the better and I put the pan on the smoker this weekend for added smoke flavor.)
Strain and serve warm with Pork or chicken

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Had to use some different stuff and substituted the Kurtz for the Texas Pete and Old Bay Rub for the Montreal Pork Rub. Add a splash each of Worcestershire Sauce and Liquid Smoke to the mix too.

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This is my go to sauce for Chicken and Pork. You will notice more of a vinegar flavor to it when it is served warm. But can be used at room temperature also. Hope you enjoy it.