Gulf Lobs n' Hogs
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    Gulf Lobs n' Hogs

    Went out on 12/4. Weather forecast was not gods have not been kind to us lately, but we were itching to get out. Forecast called for 3-5, but was a much more manageble 3'. The initial plan was to target the red grouper and snapper, maybe get tight on an AJ. We brought along the tanks just in case....

    Well after our first spot in 45' we caught and released some nice gags...not a legal red Grouper in sight. We decided to push further out since we kinda figured the reds would be deeper. On our next spot in 85' we again get slammed by nice Gags! ohhh those endangered gag grouper...we had such a blast catching them though. Ended up catching about a dozen gags ranging from 23"-32"...still, not a legal red Grouper in sight!

    The seas calmed down a little bit and it was time to put on the tanks... first drop i stumble into a nice lobster surprise! Got two nice bugs, one was about 4lb's. Most of my lobster diving has been on the east coast, but this was my first bug on the west coast. Now the hogs decide to show up, i shoot a nice one and it leads me to an even nicer ledge loaded with fish!! Snapper, big gags, reds, you name it! Bottom time was running out, so i get one more hog and it was time to come back up. Went back down on a second dive in the same spot and we got a few more nice hogs and my buddy got a "two for one" on some nice mangos. Vis was not spectacular....10-15 maybe..., but ill take what i can get.

    Wish i took more pics of the other hogs and snapper.

    Another great day on the water. The lobster was swiftly served up with a hogfish stuffing! It doesnt get much better than that.
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