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    Quote Originally Posted by JonDubs View Post
    Yea thinking about taking the yak out once I recover from having my appendix removed. Actually have a similar set up to yours, redfish12, with a rudder. Same khaki color. Great little fishing rig.
    Man I still can't imagine that, not wanting to sound too sweet or anything but when you do feel up to it if you need any help loading/unloading or just want someone out there in general let me know, unrelated but my dad busted his shoulder in a bike accident and I remember he tried to get out there before he was healed up good and it was a wreck, better to be safe. It is a nice yak, I dont have a rudder yet but that is the next step. I really want to put some kind of pontoon outriggers on it so I can stand up, that would make these redfish sooo much easier usually I see them just in time to open the bail and let the bait drop on their head.

    Zeus its a sweet thing, I was forced into a kayak after selling my boat and I thought it would be a curse but the simplicity of it is just awesome. I bet it was nasty up there.

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    Great report, as always.

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