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    It's not much, but I bought this fanny pack at WalMart about 3 years ago for hunting and it has been my pack for everything I do outside since. It's lined with some type of rubber/plastic and I've submerged it many times on the flats and never leaked. If I'm wearing waders I tighten down the straps and snap it through my wader/shoulder straps for a chest back. It's adjustable enough to sling if I'm fishing waist deep as well. The main compartment is large enough for all of my goodies and a water bottle, I hope this thing never breaks down lol.
    Hey I have that same one! Bought it for $8 or so at Walmart and have used it for years with no problem. I don't really need anything more but I'll forewarn ya these guys get upset on here if you don't spend a fourtune having FUN Flyfishing!

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    Wading packs

    I live and fish in Florida and the one thing that is a big problem is corrosion on the zippers. the William Joseph bags with the rare earth magnets are the cats meow for salt water use. My .02 worth

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